Future Motive Power

Created by The Ensemble
Directed by Susannah Martin

Photos by Pak Han

Presented by Mugwumpin at San Francisco’s Old Mint
January 6 – 29, 2012

Director’s Note
To make an “Artist Statement,” singular, for this piece seems absurd. Future Motive Power was made collaboratively by every single person you see listed in the program. The process was a conversation, from beginning to end, between me and each performer/maker and each designer/maker, and this beautiful, haunted, enthralling old space. Therefore, I didn’t hold the vision for this piece and insist that everyone follow me. We all held the vision for this piece, and discovered the path it needed to take, together. You, the audience, are the final, most vital, and compelling component. You are the best “last touch.”

Created and Performed by
Misti Boettiger
Joe Estlack
Natalie Greene
Rami Margron
Christopher W. White

Artistic Director / Christopher W. White
Assistant Director / Madeline H.D. Brown
Assistant Stage Manager / Elena Wagoner
Costume Design / Ashley Rogers
Documentation / Sarah Elovich
Production + Lighting Design / Wolfgang Wachalovsky
Properties Design + Painting / Shannon Walsh
Sound Consultant / Teddy Hulsker
Stage Manager / Jessie Wayburn