Get This Go

Created + Directed by Susannah Martin

Photos by Liz Lisle

Presented by Mugwumpin at the Pacific Heights Inn
June 7, 2010

Press Release
written in collaboration with Christopher W. White
Every day we hear more stories in the news about people forced out of their homes by disasters: volcanoes, oil spills, civil war, hurricanes, floods. Lost within the scale of those stories are people who wait in the neither-here-nor-there, hoping for safety to return, having to make do with only what they could carry with them. In such situations, what would you take with you? What would you leave behind?

Acclaimed San Francisco performance troupe Mugwumpin has created a brand new performance piece for motel rooms, exploring these questions. Get This Go invites small audiences to move freely between three motel rooms at the Pacific Heights Inn in San Francisco, peeking into the lives of the people sheltering in this in-between place.

Created + Performed By
El Beh
Madeline H.D. Brown
George Chan
Joe Estlack
Rod Hipskind
Erin Mei-Ling Stuart
Maryam Rostami
Michelle Talgarow
Christopher W. White

Artistic Director / Christopher W. White
Associate Artistic Director / Liz Hitchcock Lisle
Company Manager / Julia Lynton
Stage Manager / Eli Wirtschafter