Rabbit Hole

Written by David Lindsay-Abaire
Directed by Susannah Martin

Photos by Wendy Yalom

Presented by Town Hall Theatre Company
February 5 – March 7, 2009

CONTRA COSTA TIMES “Susannah Martin’s direction is wonderfully understated and creates remarkable pictures of a family in pain, and a revealing study of an impossible situation.” – Pat Craig

Director’s Note
Directing Rabbit Hole has been a gift that was handed to me generously by the lovely team at Town Hall. They took very good care of the ensemble and me as we rode the rollercoaster of the play – a rollercoaster that was much like any grieving process: anarchic, giddy with laughter, filled with tears, filled with wonder and humility and silence.

A subtle and delicate play, Rabbit Hole explicitly portrays one family’s experience of loss. It beautifully articulates that there is not one way (and certainly no “right” way) to grieve, just as there is not one way – or “right” way – to watch a play. Thus, I don’t want to say much more about the play itself. I want to leave you to have your own experience. Instead, I will impart to you some words that acted as guides for the designers, the actors, and me as we navigated our way through our rehearsal process:

Ever present

Jason / Liam Callister
Nat / Sally Hogarty
Becca / Csilla Horvath-Lewis
Izzy / Emily Morrison
Howie / Ryan O’Donnell

Artistic Director / Clive Worsley
Managing Director / Vangie Long
Assistant Stage Manager / Abby Faber
Costume Designer / Rebecca Redmond
Lighting Designer / Chris Guptill
Properties Designer / Jacqueline Scott
Run Crew / Katy Adcox
Set Designer / Nina Ball
Sound Designer / Sara Huddleston
Sound Operator / Nico Brenni
Stage Manager / Leah McKibbin