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Written by Christopher Chen
Directed by Susannah Martin

Photos by Pak Han
Trailer by Peter Ruocco

Presented by Shotgun Players
September 1, 2016 – January 21, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLECaught, under the finely calibrated direction of Susannah Martin, is an ingenious, beguiling play…Throughout this shape-shifting evening, Martin is hyper-attuned to each of the hundreds of micro-beats needed to make the audience first trust a character, then slowly, grain by grain, question that trust, then question that questioning, until it’s no longer just the character’s claims that seem specious but the very premise of the scene.” – Lily Janiak

BERKELEYSIDE “Shotgun Players’ production of local playwright Christopher Chen’s stimulating, creative and complex work, Caught, confounded and ultimately conquered the Ashby Stage audience in its opening night performance…Director Susannah Martin has been involved with Christopher Chen in the development of Caught since the play’s inception. Her intimacy with the project shows in her taut and agile direction.” – Emily S. Mendel

THE MERCURY NEWS “Director Susannah Martin handles the mutating narrative deftly as not just the story but the play itself becomes one radically different thing after another…It’s a labyrinthine play that pulls the floor out from under the viewer again and again, leaving the audience so unmoored that it’s impossible to trust that the show’s really over even when it’s clearly time to leave the theater.” – Sam Hurwitt

On display at the Ashby Stage
A pop-up art gallery installation created by Lin Bo and Xiong Gallery artists, Made in China is an exploration of perception and identity in the Chinese / American encounter. The exhibit looks at the ways in which globalized consumerism complicates the cultural exchange between East and West, playing its own role in human rights abuses as well as laying the groundwork for a new Orientalism.

CONTRIBUTING ORGANIZATIONS: Shotgun Players, The Xiong Gallery video and/or audio recording of this exhibit by any means whatsoever is prohibited.

Xiong Gallery Statement of Purpose · we give space and safe haven to artists of Asian descent unable unwilling undesiring of conventional channels we promote produce present projects that cannot be shown in museums and that infiltrate any and all mediums for broadcast purposes we defy disrupt dislodge the idea of gallery you will know our exhibitions when you are in them

Wang Min / El Beh
Bob Levy / Mick Mize
Joyce Anderson / Elissa Stebbins
Lin Bo / Jomar Tagatac*
Wang Min Alternate / Michelle Talgarow

Nina Ball,** Exhibit Designer – Setting
Wesley Cabral, Exhibit Designer – Video
Christopher Chen, Instigator + Writer
Christine Crook, Exhibit Designer – Textiles
Perry Fenton, Exhibition Assistant
Nikita Kadam*, Stage Manager
Devon LaBelle, Exhibit Designer – Mixed Media
Susannah Martin, Director of Collections + Interpretation
Ray Oppenheimer, Exhibit Designer – Illumination Specialist
Leigh Rondon-Davis, Curatorial + Exhibition Assistant
Matt Stines, Exhibit Designer – Noise Architect
Michelle Talgarow, Assistant Director of Collections + Interpretation

*Member of AEA
**Member of the United Scenic Artists Local 829