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That it all makes perfect

Written by Erin Bregman
Directed by Susannah Martin + Michelle Talgarow
Music by Matt Boehler

Graphics, Photos, & Trailer by Jon Fischer

Presented by 6NewPlays
March 30 – April 1, 2017

About The Show
What would it be like if you got to choose the life you would be born into? San Francisco playwright Erin Bregman begins with this question in her play THAT IT ALL MAKES PERFECT, performed at the A.C.T. Costume Shop in San Francisco from Thursday, March 30th though Saturday, April 1st.

Focusing on life’s simple and often overlooked moments, the play follows a single soul as she “moves from her first breath to her last, while trying to hold onto the beauty and power of life’s seemingly mundane and easily forgotten daily mementos.” Co-directed by Susannah Martin and Michelle Talgarow and produced by Maddie Gaw and 6NewPlays, this production will feature new music by San Francisco composer Matt Boehler (SFMC ’17) and includes a live chamber ensemble (flute, clarinet, french horn, and violin) that is integrated into all parts of the show.

Theater critic Alan Katz has praised the playwright for avoiding “gift-wrapping morals for ready consumption.” Like all of Bregman’s work, THAT IT ALL MAKES PERFECT forces the audience to draw their own conclusions and to stay active participants as they glean meaning from the diverse and intricate elements of the production. The result is a highly profound night of theater, despite the seemingly commonplace and routine nature of the “daily moments” conjured by the players in this unique play. The central question contemplated by the playwright– and the “soul” attempting to discover the best way to be human, can be put simply: “Without memory, what remains of your life after you’ve lived it?”

“Erin’s work always crackles with energy. In this play she finds sneaky ways to tackle life’s biggest questions, with playful language, curious form and head spinning theatricality. I can’t wait to see this one come to life.” —Jonathan Spector, Artistic Director, Just Theater

Sam Jackson
Nicolina Logan
Sarah Moser*
Marilet Martinez*
Raja Orr
Timothy Redmond*
Wiley Naman Strasser
Stev Täal
Elizabeth Talbert

*Member of AEA

Production Team
Costume Design / Megan La Fleur
Lighting Design / Darl Andrew Packard
Producer / Maddie Gaw
Properties Design / Devon LaBelle
Stage Manager / Shannon Stockwell

THAT IT ALL MAKES PERFECT was originally written during a Just Theater New Play Lab (dir: Joy Brooke Fairfield), and developed with The Brick, and the Bay Area Playwright’s Festival (Bay Area Playwright’s Foundation).